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Feb 05 2016

Identifying the 4 Types of Superbowl Party Guests

We know that we are typically all business here at the Attivo blog, but with this weekend being the biggest sports weekend of the year, we thought we’d switch things up a bit. It’s Superbowl Sunday, which means parties, parties and more parties. Whether you are a diehard football fan, or you don’t even know who is playing this Sunday, you can still fit in and have a good time.  You just need to be able to identify what kind of Superbowler you are, and identify like-minded individuals.


Feb 04 2016

You Can’t Get to the Cloud in a Hot Air Balloon

There is a commercial where a man is loading all of his earthly possessions into the basket of a hot air balloon.  When his neighbor asks him what he’s doing, he says he’s moving everything to “The Cloud”. While most people don’t actually believe that cloud computing is literally in the clouds, there are a number of people who don’t understand what cloud computing exactly is.


Jan 25 2016

The Case for Disaster Recovery

The entire Eastern seaboard of the United States is digging themselves out from under what is already being called one of the biggest blizzards in a century. Pictures of massive snow banks are unavoidable on social media as the rest of the nation struggles to comprehend the amount of snow dumped on several of the nation’s largest cities.


Jan 22 2016

Increase Productivity with Flexible Work Schedules

We spend a lot of time here at The Attivo blog talking about productivity and efficiency.  After all, the goal of any successful ERP implementation is to streamline business processes, allowing your employees to accomplish more in the same amount of time. That said, increasing productivity isn’t solely reliant on implementing new software.  Making changes to the how, when and where of your employees day to day activities can have a massive improvement on your company’s bottom line.


Jan 21 2016

2 Reasons Ecommerce is Necessary for Manufacturers

There was a time when a bank’s website was there for show and nothing more.  Before the advent of online banking, you still had to go to the bank to deposit a check, make a wire transfer or open an account. The only reason you would ever go to a bank’s website maybe to find a nearby location or do some homework about interest rates or auto loans before heading to your local branch.


Jan 14 2016

Increase Productivity 15% for $115

Having a second monitor allows workers to have the source document up and visible on one screen, and the second screen free to do their own task.  Or, to have workflow and/or email up on one screen, while working on the other screen.


Jan 13 2016

What’s New at Exact

Exact Macola 10.3 introduces a connector to Avalara which allows Exact Macola customers to seamlessly integrate with Avatax.


Jan 13 2016

Using Outside Processing (correctly) in Macola Manufacturing

The goal of this article is to explain how to use Outside Processing for Production Order Processing. Shop Floor Control works very differently, and will be addressed in our upcoming webinar, along with a deeper dive for POP on January 28th.  We hope you can join us — click here to register for the webinar.


Jan 11 2016

ERP 101: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Let’s be honest with each other.  ERP implementations can be expensive, time consuming and fraught with enough bumps to make a mogul skiers knees ache. We’ve talked at length in past blogs about the software selection process and given implementation advice to help mitigate those obstacles. That said, there are still countless organizations that adhere to the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Jan 06 2016

3 Ways ERP can Improve Manufacturing Production

No matter how you slice it, when it comes to manufacturing ERP, the most important consideration is how it handles production and orders. When conducting a business process assessment to evaluate software, that needs to be one of your main priorities. Modern ERP systems like Macola 10 are designed to provide real-time information that can create a much more streamlined manufacturing process, which can lead to better customer service and improved margins.  Below are 3 ways that ERP can accomplish this


Dec 23 2015

Revamp Your IT Department with Cloud Hosted ERP

There are several departments within any business that are largely seen as a cost of doing business rather than a revenue driver. A company’s IT department is often one of those departments. The IT manager is typically the guy that most employees only see when something breaks, and behind the scenes, they are the ones that are responsible for trying to prevent things from breaking in the first place. A disproportionate part of their job description is maintenance, which in reality is an operating cost. They are responsible for making sure that your depreciating assets are maximizing their productivity. In other words, they are the people responsible for keeping your servers from going down, or making sure that they get back online as quickly as possible if they do go down.


Dec 21 2015

3 Signs it's Time to Graduate from Quickbooks

QuickBooks is probably the most utilized accounting software system used in business. It is a great program for small businesses. When combined with third party add-ons and spreadsheets, it can provide adequate functionality and reporting to manage the day to day operations of small manufacturers and distributors.


Dec 11 2015

3 Overlooked Keys to a Successful Cloud Transition

More and more companies are moving to cloud hosted ERP these days.  Some of the more common reasons that people are migrating to the cloud are the scalability and 24/7 access that the cloud can provide.For multi-location organizations, being able to unify all locations under a single system is also a big advantage.The idea of being able to offload infrastructure maintenance costs can’t be understated either. While there are multiple advantages to moving into a cloud environment, making that transition still needs to be well thought out, otherwise your organization has the very real possibility of incurring some very painful headaches. Here are some of the 3 more commonly overlooked issues that musts be thought out before making a switch.


Dec 09 2015

2 Challenges Mobile ERP Presents for Manufacturers

Whether or not you manufacture children’s toys or massive oil well drills, the core principals behind the manufacturing process remain the same.  Raw materials go in one end and finished products come out the other end. Quality control measures are put into place to ensure consistency of the final product, and tweaks are made to ensure the entire process is as efficient as possible. 


Nov 24 2015

5 Tips for Managing Inventory More Effectively With ERP

Many smaller manufacturers and warehousing facilities believe (mistakenly) that automated systems are too expensive. Others fear that software solutions like ERP and automated warehouse management software just take away jobs from hardworking people.