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Mar 20 2019

6 Benefits to Processing Credit Cards in ERP

When most of the leading ERP software platforms were written, the great majority of customers paid by check. When credit cards came along, your software would let you create a credit card payment method, but during order entry, you would have to manually take down the credit card number and expiration date, and then manually authorize and process the credit card transaction outside of the ERP system. Then after the order shipped, you would have to go back into the ERP system to manually create a payment and then manually apply that payment to the invoice.

Having to maintain the credit card transactions info outside the system increases the chance for human error when that information later had to be added to your ERP system. What was needed was a way to integrate the credit card process into the ERP software so that credit card payments could be accepted directly into your ERP system.

Century Business Solutions has met that need.....


Mar 14 2019

Best Practices to Protect Customer Credit Card Data

Have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud? Your bank can quickly send you a new card, but then you face hours of going online and updating your payment method on every online account you have established.

If you accept credit card payments from your customers, it is vital that you do everything you can to protect that credit card data so that your customer will not be inconvenienced with the hassle of having to receive a new card and redoing all of their online accounts.

Besides making sure your credit card processor is PCI Compliant, it is equally important to know how they protect customer data....


Mar 12 2019

7 Benefits to Mobile Credit Card Processing

Picture this scenario... Your salesperson is at a prospect site and has just closed a deal. Part of their sales pitch has been about how your company stays up-to-date with the latest technology. The prospect pulls out a credit a credit card and is ready to make a down payment.

Your salesperson then tells the prospect, “Let me call the office and see if someone is available to take your credit card number. Or worse, “Let me write down your card number and expiration date and I’ll call it in later.

At this point, the prospect is probably wondering, “What exactly does ‘staying up-to-date with the latest technology’ mean for your organization?".....


Mar 07 2019

Tips to Accessing Your Credit Card Transaction Data

Most credit card processors work smoothly when it comes to authorizing and processing credit card sales. But what about when you need to make a change to a current transaction, or review information on historical transactions?

Let’s say you have a customer that places a credit card order. Their card is authorized and processed, but then an hour later, they call back wanting to cancel the order. You can easily prevent the order from leaving your warehouse, but how easily can you prevent a charge from showing up on the customer’s credit card?

It is VERY easy, if you are using the EBizCharge Merchant Console. All you do is...


Mar 05 2019

6 Steps to Ultimate PCI Security for Customer Convenience

Retaining current customers is as important as finding new ones. One thing that can help you do both is to offer them the most secure and convenient way to pay an invoice.

EBizCharge Connect, by Century Business Solutions, provides 24/7 access and the ultimate in PCI security. Your customers login online to pay their invoices which allows you and your company to never have to see, hear, nor record a customer’s credit card information. Here is how it works below...


Feb 28 2019

3 Tips to Handle Bulk Credit Card Processing Easily

If you process customer orders with credit card payments, the established procedure is typically:

  • Enter a sales order.
  • Pre-Authorize the credit card to ensure the card number is valid and that funds are available.
  • Ship the sales order.
  • Charge the credit card.

These steps work fine, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to save some time by streamlining the process is some way? There is a way, if you are using the AutoBatch feature of EBiz Charge, by Century Business Solutions.

AutoBatch is a feature which allows for the mass processing of pre-authorized Credit Card orders in a grid environment. The AutoBatch process can be used if a Credit Card order has been selected for billing, but was not charged at the time of selection.


Feb 26 2019

What is ACH? What are ACH Payments?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a network of banks that are sending funds between them to pay for products or services.  Probably the best known example of an ACH payment would be a payroll check that is delivered to a bank account via direct deposit. ACH payments were originally started as a system to replace paper checks, which would allow businesses to receive an electronic payment directly from a customer’s verified checking account. The customer is required to supply their bank’s Routing number, as well as their bank account number...


Feb 21 2019

Payment of Open Accounts Receivable with Credit Cards

While most credit card processors allow you to accept credit card payments when new orders are entered, EBiz Charge gives you the added flexibility of applying a credit card payment to any open Accounts Receivable Invoice in your accounting system. Let’s say you have a customer that is set up with Net 30 terms. You ship their order, send them an invoice, and they send in a check for payment. But what if that customer calls in and says that they have an open invoice that is about due, but rather than send in a check, they would like to pay it with a credit card... 


Dec 20 2018

Why Use ACH? - ACH Integration

ACH transfers are becoming increasingly common as they replace checks for a variety of applications including payroll (direct deposit) and bill pay. As businesses and accounting organizations digitize and use ACH for their accounts payable processing, ACH has definitely become the payment method of choice for vendor payments. Digital economy businesses like Uber and AirBNB rely on ACH transfers for their partner payouts.


Dec 18 2018

EBiz for Macola Credit Card Integration

Seen as a necessary evil of doing business, most businesses that collect payments via credit cards are either constantly competing for better processing rates or have given up ensuring that clients get the best processing rates entirely. PCI compliance opens you to the risks of customer security and violations can incur large fines or loss of ability to accept credit card payments. You need a secure and smarter way to do business and we have made one that is special.


Nov 26 2018

Synergy Enterprise Anywhere Connector Launched

The Attivo Group and Exact Software, the developer of Synergy Enterprise, have teamed up to take the solution international and to empower businesses of all sizes. Easily hosted in the cloud, Synergy is available for a low price per user per month and is therefore affordable to businesses of all sizes. It does not have a minimum number of users...


Mar 16 2018

Unparalleled Quality Management for Your Manufacturing Company

Quality Management is an essential part of every manufacturer and distributor’s everyday processes. Using a cloud-based Quality Management System (QMS) allows you to eliminate the paper-based quality records that are hard to manage, and gives you the ability to manage your company with a single, centralized system and quality process.


Dec 11 2017

Automating Sales and Marketing with Event Manager and Synergy CRM

Automating processes is key for any business to gain efficiencies. The Event Manager tool allows you to automate any number of processes. Anything from trade show management sending marketing emails, customer service interactions and even setting up next actions can be automated within Synergy. 


Dec 07 2017

Eliminate Paper Processes and Manage Documents with Synergy CRM

Paper is cumbersome, costly, inefficient, and rife with opportunities for human error. Any CRM system worth investing in must have some sort of document management. The document management system in Synergy CRM is an extremely powerful tool that can help manage both internal and external documents. There are a number of different processes that can be automated using the document management tool.


Dec 05 2017

Thinking About Transitioning from Average to Standard Cost in Macola?

Many companies that can benefit from using Standard Costing often make that change from Average Cost at the start of a new year, which is coming up rapidly. Moving from Average Cost to Standard Cost inventory valuation, and using the Macola Standard Cost module for the first time requires a bit of planning and a carefully executed series of steps.