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With our expertise in handling a variety of business challenges, it is only natural that we offer business consulting services by working with your firm to improve your day-to-day operations and business strategy. We have helped numerous companies not only to implement systems, but also to improve their operations, increase
efficiencies and inventory turns, reduce manufacturing lead-time and improve customer service, thus adding value every step of the way.

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Our Industries

Food & Beverage Manufacturing
All-in-one solution to gain complete control while cutting costs and meeting food safety regulations to handle everything from Inventory to Quality.



Metals Manufacturing
Deliver best-in-class products and automate purchasing, inventory and all parts of the quoting, customer service, manufacturing and fulfillment processes.



Auto parts distribution
Real-time traceability and visibility throughout the entire supply chain to deliver first-class customer service for your customers, including remote sales capabilities.



Commercial Sales & Service
Improve services to clients while saving costs and increasing profits. Pinpoint efficiency savings and increase control over the entire business.



Management Consulting Services
Deliver projects on time and on budget while handling multiple calendars, schedules, and resources from one solution available anywhere.



Medical Devices Distribution
Easily manage logistics and your supply chain and maintain compliance while having the flexibility to quickly respond to changing customer and market demands.



  • “Working with the team at Attivo has always allowed us to solve challenging problems with a unique solution,
    which helps us gain a competitive edge.
    Very talented group!”

    Walter Gould
  • “We have worked with Attivo since 2001, and we can always rely on them for a very quick response from knowledgeable experts on any issue that happens.
    They are very easy to work with…I wish the whole business could run this way!”

    Brian Danchuk
  • “One of the best business decisions I ever made was to simplify my life and get out of the IT business.
    We moved our Macola system to the Attivo Private Cloud, and I have never been more pleased.”

    Hank Pepper
  • “Just sharing some feedback, I’ve been extremely impressed with Joshua Eddy. He is quick to respond to questions, issues, and configuration changes to the hosting environment where needed. He is very accessible, provides documentation, and takes time to explain how the environment is configured and how it should be used. He has gone above and beyond in several cases, recently he helped fix a user login issue to the Macola 10 test conversion that was incorrectly entered by Macola. He is proactive in recommending solutions and I get the impression he really wants us to succeed with Attivo. During this early phase of the ERP project where setup and configuration is critical, Josh has exceeded our expectations on support. I cannot thank him enough.”

    Travis Ferreira
    Senior Manager, IT | Life Sciences Solutions
  • “If you aren’t sure you are using your Macola system properly, always go for a Business Process Assessment with Attivo. They thoroughly reviewed all of our processes, and provided a long list of recommendations for process improvements and better ways to use our system. We’ve implemented many of the recommendations already, and are saving a lot of labor time as a result. Their online system and interviews by knowledgeable consultants was an eye-opening process. A Business Process Assessment was money well spent!”

    Bill Layton
    CFO | Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc.