• Business Management Software
      for small and mid-size companies
      Can you improve profits with a better system?
      Do you have the right tools for the job?
      Too many Excel spreadsheets?
    • Specialty Automotive Software
      systems for the automotive specialty Industry
      Customer Service
      Manufacturing & Inventory Control
    • Food Processing Software
      systems for food manufacturing
      True cost of production
      Managing documents and procedures
      Managing recipes and formulas
    • Software for Metals Manufacturing
      metals industry systems
      Efficient and accurate Quoting
      Scheduling machines and resources
      Managing product quality
    • Electronics Manufacturing Systems
      software for the electronics industry
      Managing scrap & waste
      Scheduling machines and resources
      Managing product quality
    • Aerospace Industry Software
      systems for aerospace manufacturing
      Managing documents and procedures
      Scheduling of resources
      Supply chain management
    • Plastics Manufacturing Software
      systems for the plastics industry
      Changing costs of materials
      Machine scheduling
      Quoting and Estimating
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software
      systems for the pharmaceutical industry
      Controlling operating costs
      Managing documents + procedures
      Quality management
    • Life Sciences
      systems for life sciences
      FDA Compliance
      Lot/Serial Traceability
    • Service Management
      systems for service management
      Project management
      Resource scheduling
    • Wholesale Distribution
      systems for wholesale distribution
      Warehouse Management
      EDI integration
      Container Tracking
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    The Attivo Group: Taking
    Your Business to the next level

    What's Holding Your Business Back?

    • Is your lack of inventory control causing problems?
    • Are you unable to easily monitor critical metrics?
    • Are your lead times too long?
    • Are you struggling with quality or compliance issues?
    • Does your competition keep beating you to the punch?

    Problems like these will not go away on their own. 

    ERP Software Implementation

    There probably aren't very many people out there that would choose to download an entire album off of the internet with a dial-up connection. It's slow, inefficient, and frustrating. ERP software is like a super-fast internet connection for your business. Not only can it streamline your business processes, but it keeps all aspects of your company in constant communication. A professional ERP software implementation can help your business accomplish the following:

    • Manage organizational change effectively.
    • Manage your current business with minimal disruption.
    • Expand your business opportunities with new technology.
    • Maximize knowledge transfer to users in the shortest period of time.
    • Complete the implementation on time and on budget.
    • Maximize ROI and expected increase in efficiency.

    It is critical for business owners to leverage new technology to stay ahead of the competition. It may seem cliche, but if you aren’t moving forward, your competition is passing you by. Our certified ERP specialists and business process consultants provide you with the training and expertise you need to grow your business.

    Download our free E-Book on the differences between ERP Systems vs. Multiple Software Applications.

    Dedicated to Your Success
    The Attivo Group provides process optimization and software consulting for businesses. We will evaluate your needs, determine the best solutions, and then get your system implemented on time and on budget.  The end result for you:  increased efficiencies, lower costs and improved profits.


    Software Supported
    We sell and support a wide range of major software applications for accounting, ERP, EDI, CRM, Warehouse Management and other related enterprise software.  Because we're "vendor neutral" you'll never need to worry that we're just trying to convince you of the benefits of the one package we happen to sell!  Working with Sage MAS90/200, Exact Software Globe, Macola ES, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), QuickBooks Enterprise Suite, ACCTivate!, MISys, Fishbowl and others, we will find the right solution for your needs.

    Attivo's Blog.Tips and Tricks for Increasing Productivity

    The Attivo Group will get your system implemented - on time and within budget. Realize increased efficiencies, lower costs and improve profits. As trusted advisors for distributors, manufacturers and service providers, we will help you improve and automate your business processes.