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The Attivo Spotlight: Rachel Pradhan
December 4, 2016

The Attivo Group is proud to welcome back a familiar faceto their team. Rachel Pradhan has returned to our team as our new Director ofBusiness Development and has already hit the ground running. Rachel originallyjoined Attivo in 2012 as the Director of Sales and Marketing, but took a twoyear break to run her own business. Having run her own successful business,Rachel returns with a new perspective and an arsenal of past experience. It’sher passion to take on new challenges that compelled her to return to Attivo.

Having originally gone to school for interior design, Rachel won several national awards and scholarships as a student, and continued to collect accolades as a designer. Even though she has crossed over to the corporate world, the artist in her never went away. Rachel maintains a passion for painting and all things outdoors, often spending her weekends hiking, kayaking or cycling. It seems fitting that her husband of 19 years is an accomplished photographer. Her two sons (aged 12 & 15) are both gifted musicians. Her eldest was recently accepted into the prestigious Orange County School of the Arts and her youngest is on the same track.

Excelling at whatever endeavor she pursues seems to be ingrained in her DNA. On the professional side, Rachel has spent 10 years in a sales, marketing and business development role, leading web development and internet marketing teams to tremendous success. As a firm believer that new initiatives are nothing more than an idea unless you have the right team in place, Rachel sees herself as a complimentary piece to Attivo’s current marketing team, and is excited to grow and expand their outreach efforts. And quite frankly, we’re excited too.