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We have been helping clients gain efficiencies with
world-class software systems since 1992.

Why Choose Us?

The Attivo Group is dedicated to delivering superior consulting support to our clients for their accounting and
ERP systems, as well as all of the related enterprise software including EDI and Warehouse Management. Our company’s success hinges on your success, and we will do everything in our power to help you keep your systems and your business running at peak performance.

Process Improvement

Leadership and guidance in implementing best practices to streamline operations and gain efficiencies. Creating a comprehensive system blueprint is the first step for success in an ERP implementation!

Cloud Services

Benefit from a flexible, secure, scalable and cost-effective system that allows you to access your critical business functions and data in real-time, from anywhere and eliminate hefty hardware costs.

Unique Business Solutions

Solutions tailored to solve your unique business challenges. Beyond integrating packaged solutions… development of those tools that perhaps only your company needs to solve a problem or provide a market advantage.

Attivo Academy

Learning for your whole team at their own pace.
Software training made easy with Attivo Academy!

Responsive On-going Support

Continued support from implementation through go-live and beyond. Our consultants are on hand to quickly address any software issues that may arise and answer any questions that you have.