Integrating Solutions

LYNQ Planning Manager

Production planning and scheduling are two tasks that hold the key to an efficient and successful manufacturing shop. Yet, they can be troublesome when relying on limited knowledge, in-accurate data reporting, and an ERP system whose enormous capacity you’ve barely tapped into. When creating production schedules in this way, it often leads to missed delivery dates, over/under stocking inventory or low quality resource utilization.

Planning manager gives users access to an advanced planning and scheduling solution that can instantly create, change, and share production plans via a visual interface. The system creates accurate schedules to keep track of daily personnel, inventory, machine, and tooling constraints. Planning manager balances your capacity, materials, and shop floor schedules on one comprehensive interface, setting you up to meet customer demands at the lowest possible costs.

Materials Planning

Many manufacturers know that not having a well-organized production plan leads to issues throughout your factory. Such as lack of materials, overruns, and even an increase in direct material costs are outcomes of inefficient production planning.

Our Planning Manager Software can tell you if materials will be available by the time the order is required, or view the impact of scheduling changes on MRP without having to run MRP, and the ability to reserve materials of priority orders.

LYNQ Planning Manager can also see dynamic indicators, list order prioritization, have material reservation & exclusions, use What If Scenarios (Materials), conduct Trial Kitting & BOM Drilldown, and have MRP Overview including Details on the fly.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

Once LYNQ’s Planning Managers finite capacity scheduling is fully understood, you will see a reduction in inventory and long lead times that will help you determine achievable production scheduling, and measure loading availability of machines and people. Features such as Auto-scheduling, Drag & Drop, Alternative WorkCentre’s, and many more are available.

Cloud Based Publishing

The need for a full company-wide visibility has grown into a vital requirement for production planning and scheduling. Flexible and quick production schedules allow for accurate delivery dates and easily simulate situations that are based on your current capacity. To keep schedules on track planning managers use cloud based publishing capabilities to view and share Dashboards, Production Schedule Publishing, Loading/Capacity Charts, Quick Views of Department/Workcentre, and many more!

Ready for Real-time Shop Floor Planning?

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