Integrating Solutions

LYNQ Workforce Manager

Front line managers need total visibility and reigns of the shop floor in order to prevent overruns, downtime, poor employee or machine performance, and excessive scrap from occurring. The old way of collecting this data was almost impossible due to costs and complications, but with Workforce Manager, data collection, tracking and analysis solution. LYNQ’s Workforce Manger provides manufacturers with real-time shop floor visibility.

Alerts from Workforce’s Manager’s messaging allows employees and supervisors to send updates/reports right away, eliminating the threat of a problem while improving performance. The software is designed for web enabled mobile devices and barcode readers. The interface is intuitive so it’s a sinch to train new employees.

Shop Floor Data Collection

LYNQ workforce manager makes tracking employee arrival and leave times, and what jobs they’re working on simple. Workforce comes with a list of features that is suited to handle operations like Start/End Day Clock-ins, Start/End Jobs, Productive vs Non-Productive Time, Planned vs Actual Time (efficiency), Material, Issues & Rejects, Production Receipts, and Payroll Integration.

Live Status Tracking

In order for your operations to be running smoothly, complete control and visibility must be had throughout your company. Managers should be able to see who has arrived and who has not, which work areas are active, and track the progress of any project, order, or operation. This is why LYNQ’s Workforce Manager has been successful for thousands of companies because it allows you to gain full visibility throughout your factory floor and manage productivity while delivering on time, all due to real-time employee performance analysis.

Ready to Scale Up?

If you’re ready to handle more, sell more, and be more efficient with your workforce, then give us a call. We’ll show you a demo of this simple visual software. Feel free to call us at 877-428-8486.