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F9 Financial Report Writer

Financial Reporting Made Smarter with F9 Software

F9 Financial Report Writer is a Financial Intelligence tool which works with over 75 accounting systems. F9 Professional is a powerful Excel-based platform for producing custom financial reports and reporting solutions such as Executive Information Systems.

F9 Financial Report Writer extends Excel's functionality by adding new features, formulas and commands that are specifically designed to access and analyze your General Ledger (G/L).  By accessing the G/L in real time, F9 Financial Report Writer offers tremendous options for financial analysis, forecasting, budgeting and planning.  You can leverage your knowledge of Excel to get started with F9 Professional immediately.

Everything you know about your spreadsheet can be applied to the reports you create using F9.  If you already know how to use your spreadsheet, you already know how to use F9.

F9 Financial Report Writer Benefits

  • Report Wizard - allows you to quickly and easily create financial reports and account analysis with an easy to follow up interface
  • Report Auditing - analyze a report to see which accounts are missing or duplicated
  • Mining Information with F9 - save time analyzing any slice of data in your General Ledger
  • Report on Any Date Range - using simple English statements, analyze previously non-available time periods, such as "Last Year Quarter to Date"
  • Executive Information Systems - Since you have the power of Excel at your finger tips, using macros, Visual Basic for applications, dialog boxes or similar tools, you can create a custom EIS rivaling other systems that sell for thousands more.
  • Drill Down - Drill Down lets you explore the numbers in your reports to their origins
  • Speed, Power, Ease of Use - When one GL function is entered once then copied to other cells the report grows.  New data columns are created by copying existing columns and editing the heading.  A one month report becomes a 12 month report with on COPY command!

The benefit of F9 Financial Report Writer is simple - you only have to create a report once, and you can update it as often as you like with data from you G/L.  Since you no longer have to re-key data into Excel, you can create reports in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.  Also, because F9 Financial Report Writer uses Excel as its reporting environment, experienced Excel users require very little training to create customized financial reports.

The Attivo Group can help you with your financial reporting

Many of our consultants are degree holding accountants with industry experience who can help you with financial reporting consulting. We have helped many companies from different industries with their financial reporting design, with financial reporting compliance issues, and in developing financial statement formats for managerial accounting reporting needs. 

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