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WiSys Warehouse Management

Enhanced Inventory Management with WiSys

While all ERP systems promote their ability to manage perpetual inventory, they lack real time capability of tracking the movement of materials.  They traditionally are paper based which creates lag times between material movement (inflow, outflow and transfers).

Pocket ES from WiSys provides real time material management. Pocket ES records material movements from the moment it arrives on the receiving dock through sales order fulfillment.

Utilizing simple and inexpensive Wi-Fi technology and object-oriented technology, the WiSys system is extremely easy to install. It can be run using hand held scanners as well as PDA’s that support Windows CE.

Benefits include shortened order turnaround times, higher inventory accuracy, increased order fill rates, and improved shipment accuracy. These benefits can be quantified, and include productivity increases from 20 to 30% and inventory and shipping accuracy rates that exceed 99%. Most users will also see better utilization of floor space, inventory reductions, fewer data entry errors, and reductions in the amount of inventory lost to shrinkage.

The Pocket ES WMS Distribution Module includes functionality for:

  • Real time PO Receiving and put away with bin management
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Sales Order Picking, including Pick/Pack Staging
  • Barcode Printing/Item Labels
  • Cycle Counting

The Pocket ES Production Order Processing Module includes functionality for:

  • Online Bar Coded material picking and material returns (issues material to the POP order)
  • Supports Serial/Lot and/or Multi-Bin Inventory with hard allocation at picking
  • Bin and Lot recommendations for picking
  • Finished Goods Barcode Label Printing from workstation or hand-held device
  • Production Backflush - One transaction creates a POP order on the fly, releases the order, backflushes materials and completes the POP order - all in one transaction!

The Pocket ES Shop Floor Work Center Reporting Module includes:

  • Touch Screen or Barcode Entry for Real-time labor reporting
  • Report Production Operations online in real time - for reliable job status
  • Materials can be backflushed on completion of attaching operations
  • Supports Serial/Lot and Multi-Bin
  • Barcode label printing for finished goods
  • Calculates labor on clock in and clock out of job and operation, using SFC or Labor Performance

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