ERP Support Services

ERP Software Support

An ERP Solution is only as good as the support behind it! Attivo Standard Support is much more than "Break-Fix". Unlike other plans, it provides:
  • User Training
  • Custom Report Writing
  • "How-To" Guidance
  • Attivo Customer Portal
  • Complete System Documentation
  • Software Update Services

Complete Visibility, User Training & Documentation

Through our customer portal you can enter and track your support requests and view past history, as well as your system documentation. As part of our on-boarding process in Standard Support, we fully document your entire system including software versions, enhancements, work instructions, and configurations, so that you never have to hear 'what system are you running over there?' when calling in a support request. We also offer an extensive library of training guides and videos that are exclusively available to our support clients, as well as off-site training.

Other services included in Standard Support:

  • Database Administration
  • SQL Optimization
  • Data Health Check
  • System Monitoring

ERP, CRM and related applications depend on hundreds of database tables that need supervision. Maintaining SQL database security, monitoring table size, managing purge and archival functions, addressing error conditions and keeping integrated services working properly, are just a few of the tasks included in Database Administration. Your system also depends on Microsoft SQL Server, which considered the 'engine' that runs your system. We offer services for your server, including configuring server RAM allocation, managing database maintenance plans, monitoring disk space, applying service packs and other tasks all geared to help your system run fully optimized. 

Managed Services

The Attivo Group also offers other managed services not included in Standard Support for manufacturers and distributors, including Business Process Assessment, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, and comprehensive on-location training.

Unique Industry Billing

Unlike the rest of the industry, we bill quarterly instead of annually to help free up your cash flow. All time utilized is billed in 15-minute increments and any unused time is carried forward and available in the next quarter. 

With The Attivo Group, you aren't locked into an annual or long term contract. All Standard Support contracts can be canceled with a 30 day notice.

Need ERP Service Support?

Looking for ERP service support? Call us to discuss a custom-fit plan for your needs at 949-253-9639 or fill out our online form