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The merchant services industry is one rife with overpromising and under delivering. Seen as a necessary evil of doing business, most businesses that collect payments via credit cards are either constantly shopping for better processing rates or have just thrown in the towel completely.  On top of that, failing to be PCI compliant can mean heavy fines and losing the ability to process credit card payments altogether.

EBiz Merchant Services from Century Business Solutions is different though. As a technology based merchant services provider, their credit card processing software is fully PCI compliant, shifting the burden from your business onto theirs.  Credit card data is stored in a highly secured cloud, rather than on your internal servers, meaning you can recall customer data as needed while staying fully compliant with all PCI regulations.

"The software integration has helped Auburn Manufacturing tremendously. We no longer have to store the credit cards. Now when an order is taken and they are a credit card customer the software will automatically bring up the customers information and only display the last four numbers of the credit card. The card can then be preauthorized at that time so the order doesn’t need to be put on a hold status and delay shipping.

One of my favorite things about the software is that when a credit card is preauthorized at billing, all we have to do is finalize the credit card payment and it automatically gets posted to accounts receivable. Also, when a customer calls in with a credit card payment, the software automatically brings up the customer's information and what is due, and you just select what they want to pay.

The software has really helped our customer service staff. It has saved us a lot of time. One of the best assets is that we don’t have to store the credit card information ourselves when customer service takes an order."

Joy Campbell
Auburn Manufacturing
Accounting and IT Manager

Century Business Solutions reached out to The Attivo Group to help them write a direct integration, bringing a highly secure, feature rich credit card processing solution for users. The EBiz integration saves users time and money and can be customized to fit any unique needs that your business may have. 

The EBiz solution also integrates directly with SAP Business One, Exact Software, and other software solutions, guaranteeing the lowest interchange rates possible. With the EBiz merchant services integration you can process credit card payments in:

  • Order Entry
  • Order Billing
  • Credit Memos
  • Outstanding Accounts Receivable

Not only does the integration help you save money on your credit card processing rates, but the integration with your software eliminates double entry and human error, saving you even more money.

We are dedicated to continually improving the credit card integration system, to help you make improvements in customer service, to improve user experience, and to continually work to insure the security of your customer’s financial information and maintain PCI Compliance. We strongly encourage your input on ways that we can improve the software, and will seriously consider them for inclusion in upcoming releases.

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