Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Vantage Point EDI

Data Masons EDI

Vantage Point EDI is one of the most complete Electronic Data Integration software solutions available at a price point designed for small and medium sized business. It is ideal for high volume transaction environments, as there are NO TRANSACTION FEES with Vantage Point EDI. As an “on premise” EDI software, it is designed to integrate tightly with ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX.

Maintaining EDI transaction compliance is critical to avoid expensive charge backs from your trading partners. The Vantage Point EDI software reminds you of overlooked steps and potentially missed deadlines - keeping you in compliance while avoiding costly chargebacks, lowering the cost and stress of EDI compliance.


Benefits of Vantage Point EDI

  • Intuitive and Easy to Learn
  • Powerful Integration with Exact Synergy and Dynamics ERP
  • Support for Major File Standards and Transmission Protocols
  • Extensive Library of Existing Templates
  • Proactive Support Team to Help Keep You in Compliance


The Attivo Group will guide you through the implementation of Vantage Point EDI by providing consulting, EDI installation, training, trading partner testing, and on-going support. Call our Santa Ana, CA office at 949-253-9639 or Click Here to see the benefits of a fully integrated eCommerce Solution! 

Download a Vantage Point EDI brochure, click here.