BirdDog eCommerce

An eCommerce solution that intergrates Payment, Fulfillment and Front Office operations in one easy-to use system.

BirdDog eCommerce allows you to leverage the Web to grow your business quickly and in a cost effective manner.  It transforms your everyday Web Site into a high functioning, database-driven eCommerce engine.  With BirdDog eCommerce, your company can deliver a high powered, easy to use, personalized experience to your customers and partners alike.  


So what does all of this mean?  With BirdDog ECommerce...

  • You can view real-time eCommerce sales and traffic data from your Website.
  • Customers can be assured that they are always viewing accurate inventory.
  • Customers will have the ability to interact with you through your 24/7 shopping mall.
  • Ability to synchronize your eCommerce Web operations with the rest of your business.
  • Eliminate separate islands of sales and inventory data.
  • Reduce the overall time you spend managing your eCommerce business.

Benefits of using BirdDog eCommerce Solutions

  • B2B & B2C Solution - BirdDog eCommerce has the flexibility to design your site to support your unique requirements for both Business to Business and Business to Customer solutions.  Portals for your website will have secured access so you will have the ability to distinguish between vendors and customers in real time scenarios.  Along with this safe and secure methods of payment will also be provided.
  • Shipping - BirdDog e-Commerce provides you integrated shipping with all of the major vendors.  Experience real-time shipping rates, live package tracking and additional shipping and handling options.  You will have the ability for shipping confirmation via email and will be able to have support for shipping from multiple warehouses.  BirdDog eCommerce also allows you to confirm ship orders and perform inventory transfers.
  • Payment - BirdDog E-commerce can support payment through all major debit and credit cards.  Other features include real-time authorization during checkout, tax calculation based on ship-to, and the ability to support recurring payments and promotional pricing.
  • Security - Security features include... Premium hosting, Integrated IP blocking security feature, SSL Encryption, multiple administrator login and role based security website capabilities.  Credit card info will be fully encrypted and you will have the ability to determine which administrative sections are available.

Other features included...

  • Hosting
  • Customer Tools
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Design

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