Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting for Macola

Stop spending time and money maintaining your own on-premise IT infrastructure and take advantage of the convenience, peace of mind and security you can only achieve with your Macola system hosted in the Cloud.

Macola in the Cloud

Macola in the Cloud brings you instant access to all your critical business functions from wherever you are, available 24/7 from any connected internet device. You will gain full visibility into your business processes from wherever you are, so you can address your daily business challenges quickly and efficiently.

Benefits Include:

  • Scalability - quickly ramp up or down without worrying about servers
  • Test/Development systems available
  • Hardware, Operating System and SQL Database system upgrades included
  • Data backup managed for you both at the data center and an additional off-site location
  • Completely managed service and help desk to deliver Macola and all related applications to you 24/7. We've got your back!
  • Industry leading, highly secure data center
  • Your systems will be accessible anywhere and anytime with an internet connection
  • High Return on Investment - eliminate expensive on-premise hardware, operating system and database upgrades, and the headache of IT management of your own equipment

All Versions of Macola Welcome

It doesn’t matter if you are using Progression, Macola ES or Macola 10. All versions of Macola are supported. You’ll enjoy the lightning-fast response time from our hosting systems which use all Solid-State Hard Drive (SSD) equipment which significantly improves system speed, data-intensive processes such as MRP, as well as SQL queries and reporting.

Customizations to Macola are Not a Problem

Since each instance of Macola is a dedicated instance, there are no issues migrating highly customized Macola systems to the cloud. Your customizations will be transferred along with your data to continue to support your operations as though it was still on premise.

All Macola Add-Ons Supported

In addition to any version of Macola, we are experienced in hosting the various add-on solutions that are popular with Macola such as WiSys, Pulse, Lynq, F9, etc.

Why Choose The Attivo Dedicated Cloud for Hosting Macola?

Our expert domain knowledge in deploying Macola and any the companion products such as Synergy, WiSys, Lynq, Pulse, etc. is what sets us apart from other hosting solutions, allowing us to provide you with the best user experience. We know the optimum configurations for these systems and work closely with ECI resources during deployment.

Contact us to connect with one of our senior consultants about easily transitioning your Macola system to the Cloud today.