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Computerized Maintenance Management System

A fully automated and complete Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for assets and equipment is essential for any manufacturer or distributors success. CMMS minimizes your downtime by using driven preventive maintenance and predictive capabilities. Thanks to Exact you are able to have and utilize a CMMS all inside of Synergy. With Exact’s CMMS some of the capabilities you will see are:

Work Order Request – Since Work Orders are the meat & potatoes of the CMMS system, using available fields to record details such as instructions, the materials consumed, attachments, labor reporting, failure analysis, and much more are available. Other key features include:

  • Manage, track & report labor assignments from the work order
  • View employee vacation, availability, and work assignments
  • Track material consumption, labor, and other costs
  • Easily update work order status
  • Corrective & Preventative Actions Management
  • View asset information associated with the work order
  • Include audio alerts and text message with assignments
  • Track individual metrics such as response time, MTTR, downtime

Enterprise Asset management – Assemble asset hierarchy to represent sites, departments, buildings, lines, etc. Asset management gives the ability to graphically identify all of the parts that are assigned to service the assets, enabling you to quickly identify the preventive maintenance needed, schedule preventative maintenance, and more!

Equipment’s Repair Inventory – Instead of manually managing inventory repairs, it has become automated with features like min/max values, reorder points, alternate items, inventory transfers, etc. This gives you the ability to do things such as:

  • Issue parts to work orders easily
  • Track inventory and purchased parts
  • Issue purchase requests with approval levels
  • Integrated with Inventory Control Module

Preventative Maintenance (PM) –Managing your Preventive Maintenance(PM) becomes easy to maintain with a wide variety of frequency options such as Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Tri-Annual, etc. CMMS gives you automation based on frequency options while scheduling PMs with staged scheduling prior to entering a Work Order stream. This allows for best management of the maintenance workforce.

Reporting –CMMS also has the ability to customize workspaces with Visual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing you to drill down into the data. From that, Comprehensive Reports are made giving you a summary, detailed data, charts, and graphs. KPI also have dashboards that ensure real-time information is available at a moment notice where alerts can be sent automatically.

Security –To know how every step of your organization handles its tasks, roles are utilized in CMMS to identify the actors at each process stage of a workflow. With roles, dynamic grouping function of permissions are associated to quickly reassign tasks to other resources when turnover occurs or specific application level functions.

Take a look at the video here to see how a CMMS can run within your company and the many benefits it brings to help you utilize every minute of your time. Contact us at 949-253-9639 or contact us here to get the most out of your current software system, we are here to help!