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Eralis Software for Service-based Companies

Eralis Software is a globally recognized company connected with full-featured job costing solutions within the SAP Business One platform since 2006. Focused on providing service-based companies continual enhanced product quality powered by SAP Business One. Eralis's main goal is to give service-based comapnies increased visibility and control of their costs, profits and progress, on each and every job or project.


Eralis software provides centralized job and project management solutions that are fully compatible with SAP Business One, giving enhanced capabilities to meet the needs of service-based companies. Eralis Job Management, Eralis Anywhere, Eralis Rent, Eralis Automate, Eralis Project, and optional extensions allow for 360 job management of jobs within a single system.

Eralis Software Solutions:

Eralis Job
With Eralis Job, you can monitor every aspect of every job with a centralized job management system designed specifically for SAP Business One. The solution offers contract management, staff and materials tracking, purchasing, scheduling, and invoicing – all on a job-by-job basis. Further expand the functionality with our optional extensions that work with Eralis Job to meet the specific needs of service companies

Eralis Job Management
Eralis job includes automated functions that analyze project requirements in order to allocate materials more efficiently and save time on inventory processes. Creating new quotes is quick and easy with default sell rates for materials and equipment, saving even more time. Improve job cost accuracy with automatically tacking purchased goods against jobs to ensure costs are allocated properly. Eralis’s visibility gives you an in-depth analysis of contract value compared to services performed to streamline service calls. Quickly access complete service history through easily linking service events to their related contracts and equipment.

Eralis Anywhere
Eralis Anywhere provides teams remote access and update to job schedules and information from anywhere they are. It works in unison with Eralis Job and SAP Business One to transform the way you manage your service business. Easy access from any device gives your team real time job information that can entered from the job site and the office. Its simple and intuitive browser interface makes recording time spent on jobs a breeze. Get instant visibility into your projects and business as a whole to empower your mobile workforce.

Eralis Rent
Eralis Rent is a purpose-built solution for service companies that offer equipment rentals within a job or project context. It provides a structured approach to the entire rental process – from quoting and rental contract creation, through to dispatch, return and variance control. Flexible invoicing options allow for detailed real-time cost and profit analysis at the click of a button.

Eralis Automate
Generating recurring invoices or service calls is common among service companies. With Eralis Automate, you can streamline your billing processes, and spend less time on repetitive tasks and processes. The solution can be used in conjunction with Eralis Job or as a stand-alone add-on for SAP Business One, allowing you to create service calls on a recurring basis and easily manage associated billing.

Eralis Project
Eralis Project, designed specifically for small to midsize firms, takes the confusion of working on projects in multiple systems and puts them all on one browser-based platform. It allows you and your entire team to manage jobs and track expenses, project activities, time, and tickets all in one place. Increase data accuracy and reduce manual effort through inputting project information in Eralis’s seamless connector of related business associated processes. Its customizable dashboards help you assess progress, while streamlined invoicing processes help financial management and make more informed business decisions with reliable information all accessed in a single location.

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