Business Process Consulting

So you know that there is a problem, but you aren’t quite sure what it is or where to begin looking.  Perhaps you think that your employees just aren’t working hard enough or that you can see that employees are double and triple entering information but you don’t know how to streamline the process. You’re not alone and your situation isn’t unusual.  It can be difficult to look internally and identify inefficiencies in your business processes.  That’s where a business consulting company can come in handy.

At The Attivo Group, we have a proven track record of meeting with business owners and department heads, learning their current processes and ultimately rooting out problems and areas of inefficiency that are preventing your company from maximizing profits.  With 20 years of experience, we have worked with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, giving us unparalleled business process experience that you can draw upon. And, unlike a traditional consulting firm, we help you implement the new business processes, and track and improve results year after year.

Business Process Assessment

Before we try to implement an ERP solution, we first must assess the unique challenges your company faces. In order to do this, we must assess your current processes. 

  • We will meet with all pertinent department heads and C-level employees.
  • We conduct extensive research into the individual processes of each department
  • We present our assessment, including our recommend process improvements

Business Technology Consulting

We will also take a look at your current ERP system.  With knowledge of several major ERP software packages like SAP Business One, Exact Synergy, and QuickBooks, we can quickly assess whether or not your existing ERP solution is the right solution for you. Our knowledge in third party plug-in software's, we can help you determine the perfect combination to support the new business processes that will automate your business and improve profits.

Business Process Design

Once you have chosen an ERP solution, we will continue to work with all pertinent employees and departments to help recreate more streamlined business processes that will work best with your new ERP software package.  This will help optimize your operations and work-flow, ultimately growing profitability.

Looking to Streamline Your Business Processes?

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