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Webinar: Simplified Planning, Scheduling & Shop Floor Data Collection for Macola

Have you heard? Manufacturing is undergoing a fourth revolution through technology and the internet. And that's where LYNQ comes in with transformative technology for ERP.

Find out how the technology will help growing small manufacturers with simplified planning, scheduling and shop floor data collection during our live webinar next Tuesday, December 6th at 10 am PST.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP FOR THE WEBINAR! Simplified Planning, Scheduling & Shop Floor Data Collection for Macola

Discover how LYNQ's innovative suite of products seamlessly integrate with Macola to help you measure, manage and improve your manufacturing.

Learn how to:

  • Create and publish reliable production plans that take into account capacity, material and multiple resource constraints.
  • Automate the real-time capture of data on the shop floor including labor, materials and quantities produced.
  • Record and track production issues like breakdowns and run a paperless shop environment
  • Drive performance improvements by measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE)

Date and Time : Tue, Dec 6, 2016 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

We'll see you there!