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Synergy Mobile CRM App Let You Take Your CRM on the Road


Technology has certainly increased the pace of business, and at the forefront of this acceleration is mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in today’s business environment, which is why Synergy CRM has a variety of mobile apps that let you access the full power of Synergy from anywhere. In the this video , you will see how Synergy CRM mobile apps give you the power to:

  • Access Workflow –Reps in the field or on the road are able to access their workflow similar to how they would access their email. Keep appointments, follow up on tasks, and keep processes moving forward all from a mobile device.
  • Proximity Tool –If a rep is on the road on a sales call, Synergy CRM’s proximity view can find other accounts in an area...essentially an “around me” view of accounts. You can then drill into the accounts to access phone numbers and emails to set up drop-in sales appointments with customers and prospects.
  • Check Inventory Levels – Real time access to inventory levels allows sales reps to accurately quote lead times and know if product is in stock when creating sales orders. This can also be a useful feature on the warehouse floor for materials handlers pulling inventory for production or for inventory audits.

This is just one of the many powerful tools that can be found in Synergy CRM. Be sure to watch this video and all of the other videos in this series to unlock the true power of Synergy.

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