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Top 7 Reasons Companies Implement Mobile Credit Card Processing


Picture this scenario… Your salesperson is at a prospect site and has just closed a deal. Part of their sales pitch has been about how your company stays up-to-date with the latest technology. The prospect pulls out a credit a credit card and is ready to make a down payment.

Your salesperson then tells the prospect, “Let me call the office and see if someone is available to take your credit card number. Or worse, “Let me write down your card number and expiration date and I’ll call it in later.

Companies that use EBizCharge as their credit card processing software also have access to EBizCharge Mobile. This free app is available for both iOS and Android, allowing your salespeople in the field, at a show, or traveling, to enter a credit card payment on their phone or tablet and have it automatically sync back to your accounting software in the office.

What else can it do?

  • Accept credit, Debit & ACH payments
  • Create and pay off invoices
  • Issue refunds
  • E-mail and/or text receipts to customers+
  • View and edit profiles for all customers
  • Sync with leading card readers
  • Search all transactions within a date range, or for a single customer

As you would expect, EBizCharge Mobile is fully PCI Compliant, so you can securelysave customer information for repeat use. And it’s protected by end-to-end encryption and tokenization, as well as offsite data storage. This eliminates your liability in the event of a data breach.

EBizCharge Mobile, by Century Business Solutions, will streamline your workflow and eliminate double data entry. EBizCharge is fully integrated with SAP Business One, Macola, Sage, QuickBooks, Accumatica and many other ERP software systems and eCommerce shopping carts.

Find out more about by visiting our EbizCharge page or Contact Us to speak with a EBizCharge Specialist directly.

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