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Eliminate Paper Processes and Manage Documents with Synergy CRM

Paper is cumbersome, costly, inefficient, and rife with opportunities for human error. Any CRM system worth investing in must have some sort of document management. The document management system in Synergy CRM is an extremely powerful tool that can help manage both internal and external documents. There are a number of different processes that can be automated using the document management tool. This video will show you how to:

  • Automate Invoicing – All customer specific documents can be managed within Synergy. Invoices and purchase orders can be linked to a specific account, keeping all documents centralized. Furthermore, invoices can be automatically emailed from within Synergy, which will help facilitate collections and improve cash flow.
  • Manage Internal Documents – Documents can originate outside your CRM, such as emails or attachments, or be created and shared within Synergy CRM. They can be tagged to specific accounts, opportunities or projects within and account. Documents are therefore available to everyone in your company, rather than stored in email somewhere.
  • Set Permissions – There are certain documents that you might want to restrict access to. HR documents and customer contracts are just two types of documents that might need to be restricted to management eyes only. This is easily accomplished within Synergy CRM to make sure that privacy is maintained, revision control enforced, etc.

Document management is just one of the many powerful tools that can be found in Synergy CRM. Be sure to watch this video and all of the other videos in this series to unlock the true power of Synergy.