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Cloud Hosting for Macola – Free for 6 Months - This Seems Like a No-Brainer!


Cloud hosting is a very affordable, very secure, and will once and for all get you out of the IT business. It can save you a substantial amount of money, especially if your servers have reached the end of their useful life, or you are facing upgrades to support remote offices or upgrading to Macola 10.

This is not an easy decision for many business owners, however. One of the biggest concerns is around security. The Attivo Dedicated Cloud is a Private Cloud – meaning you have servers that are dedicated to your system, with unique server names and IP addresses, not a shared or “multi-tenant” system.

But letting go of their data is a big fear for many business owners. We hear this a lot. Rest assured that with The Attivo Dedicated Cloud, YOUR data is YOUR data. You can have it all back at any time. In fact, it is possible to provide a backup device in your office which will download all your data daily so you can be sure that you always have control of one of your company’s most valuable assets.

So, how does all this work, you ask? Watch this video or look below to learn pretty much everything you need to know about cloud hosting for Macola. Then, we’ll review the number of users, etc. with you so you’ll know what the go-forward price will be should you decide to continue hosting with us after the 6 months. From there, we can have you up and running in about a week, first as a test to make sure all users are connecting properly, printers are working, etc., then upload another copy of your data and take the system live.

We recognize that hosting is a new concept for many Macola users. We’d like to give you an opportunity to try it out for yourself. From now until 12/31/17, we will host your Macola system Free for the first six (6) months!

For the last five years, Attivo has been hosting several hundred users of Macola and the related add-on software in a reliable and affordable manner. You won’t believe how easy this is… Contact us so we can get this scheduled!

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