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April 2019

6 Tips for Ultimate Customer Convenience & Ultimate PCI Security

Retaining current customers is as important as finding new ones. One thing that can help you do both is to offer them the most secure and convenient way to pay an invoice. EBizCharge Connect, by Century Business Solutions, provides 24/7 access and the ultimate in PCI security. Your customers login online to pay their invoices...
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The Best Practice to Accessing Your Credit Card Transaction Data

Most credit card processors work smoothly when it comes to authorizing and processing credit card sales. But what about when you need to make a change to a current transaction, or review information on historical transactions? Let’s say you have a customer that places a credit card order. Their card is authorized and processed, but...
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Top 7 Reasons Companies Implement Mobile Credit Card Processing

Picture this scenario… Your salesperson is at a prospect site and has just closed a deal. Part of their sales pitch has been about how your company stays up-to-date with the latest technology. The prospect pulls out a credit a credit card and is ready to make a down payment. Your salesperson then tells the...
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EBizCharge — Best in Practice Integrated Credit Card Processing Software

If you currently, or plan to, accept credit card payments from your customers, make sure the process is as seamless as possible. This means using a credit card processor that integrates with your ERP/Accounting software. Leading credit card processors, such as EBizCharge, fully integrate with the order entry module of your software. This eliminates the...
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