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Dec 11 2017

Automating Sales and Marketing with Event Manager and Synergy CRM

Automating processes is key for any business to gain efficiencies. The Event Manager tool allows you to automate any number of processes. Anything from trade show management sending marketing emails, customer service interactions and even setting up next actions can be automated within Synergy. 


Dec 07 2017

Eliminate Paper Processes and Manage Documents with Synergy CRM

Paper is cumbersome, costly, inefficient, and rife with opportunities for human error. Any CRM system worth investing in must have some sort of document management. The document management system in Synergy CRM is an extremely powerful tool that can help manage both internal and external documents. There are a number of different processes that can be automated using the document management tool.


Dec 05 2017

Thinking About Transitioning from Average to Standard Cost in Macola?

Many companies that can benefit from using Standard Costing often make that change from Average Cost at the start of a new year, which is coming up rapidly. Moving from Average Cost to Standard Cost inventory valuation, and using the Macola Standard Cost module for the first time requires a bit of planning and a carefully executed series of steps.


Dec 04 2017

Synergy Mobile CRM App Let You Take Your CRM on the Road

Technology has certainly increased the pace of business, and at the forefront of this acceleration is mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in today’s business environment, which is why Synergy CRM has a variety of mobile apps that let you access the full power of Synergy from anywhere.