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October 2017

How Macola Manufacturing Software Can Deal with By-Products

There are many industries that do not consume all raw materials during a production process, but use those leftover materials in a different or later manufacturing process. A good example of this is plastic thermoforming, where rolls of plastic are stamped into objects, and the remaining plastic from around the edges of the mold become...
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Cloud Hosting for Macola – Free for 6 Months – This Seems Like a No-Brainer!

Cloud hosting is a very affordable, very secure, and will once and for all get you out of the IT business. It can save you a substantial amount of money, especially if your servers have reached the end of their useful life, or you are facing upgrades to support remote offices or upgrading to Macola...
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Upgrade Macola, Fix the Processes, or Do Nothing?

Let’s face it – it’s never easy to come to terms that your beloved Macola system may be stuck in time, and not operating efficiently for your business. It’s like going to the doctor and hearing that you are overweight and borderline diabetic, and the only solution is better diet and exercise. Why not get...
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