The Attivo Blog

Jun 27 2017

Cloud Security: Its Safer Than You Think

In our last blog we talked about why the cloud makes sense for small to mid-sized businesses. One of the biggest concerns we are constantly hearing from clients revolves around security. It is a big leap to put all of your company’s critical data into the cloud. Many people feel that their data is more vulnerable to hackers in the cloud. Some people just like the peace of mind of being able to walk down the hall, open their server closet and “see” there data housed on their own servers.  The reality is that your data is much more secure in a cloud hosted solution.


Jun 23 2017

Cloud Hosted ERP: It Makes More Sense Now than Ever

At this point, the idea of the cloud isn’t new. Most of us are using it every single day in our personal lives, and more and more businesses are shifting their vital applications into the cloud as well. There might be some mid to small sized business who think that the cloud might be just for large companies. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is, that there has never been a better time for cloud hosted ERP.