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Feb 16 2017

3 Benefits of Modern ERP

The acronym ERP was first coined in the 90’s by Gartner. While ERP software got a few facelifts over the years, and upgrades to keep up with new technologies, basic functionality went primarily unchanged until the last few years. Companies like Exact Macola are pioneering a rapid evolution of software that is integrating a human element into already robust business functionality. There are three main benefits to modern ERP software that should be considered by any business looking to upgrade or implement ERP.


Feb 10 2017

Celebrating CFO’s 1967 Chevy Camaro!

You never know what you really have until you introduce it to the world. That statement usually applies to talented people who are too shy to express themselves, or the hidden treasures that people keep in the back of their closets, which turn out to be a 6-figure knick-knack. This is exactly the case with our own Chief Financial Officer, Jim Reo’s 1967 RS Convertible Chevrolet Camaro. Jim always knew he had something special in his garage, but did not know how special it was to others until he let it shine.


Feb 08 2017

Exact has Announced the Macola Evolve Show for 2017!

Here we go again! Exact has announced their annual Macola Evolve show for 2017 ! Coming off a successful and well attended Macola Evolve show last year, Macola is ready to get things moving in 2017 with their annual show starting this April 18-21. Seeing business climates improve, Macola has themed this year’s show around opportunities to keep moving your business forward!