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Jan 30 2017

The fish are flying off the shelves at Southwind Foods with Macola ERP and WiSys WMS

Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, CA., Southwind Foods quickly grew as a leading importer, packager, and distributor of seafood, meat and poultry to grocery store chains and restaurants. As they started to open more cold storage warehouses they found a need for warehouse management and an ERP system that could keep up with their growing business. They turned to Macola for their customized ERP system, and to The Attivo Group to support them through this big transition of their business.


Jan 24 2017

Easily and Securely Process Credit Cards in Macola

We had a wonderful, interactive webinar on Payment Processing through Exact Macola, in which we answered all kinds of questions regarding how to safely and easily process Credit Cards through their current ERP system.


Jan 19 2017

B2B Ecommerce Continues to Grow at Breakneck Speeds

When people talk about ecommerce they immediately think about online retail juggernauts like Amazon and EBay. There’s a good reason for that too. Retail ecommerce has made traditional brick and mortar stores completely revamp how they do business.

People don’t traditionally equate ecommerce platforms with B2B sales. That, however, is changing. A recent study done by Gartner showed that B2B ecommerce sales increased 15% year over year in 2015, and that trend is expected to continue through 2020, with US sales exceeding $1.1 trillion. That would account for more than 12% of all B2B sales within the next few years.


Jan 04 2017

Webinar: Easily take Credit Cards in Macola, anytime, anywhere

According to a recent Forbes article, 58 percent of small businesses are regularly asked by their customers to accept credit cards. The SBA states that card payments are evolving into the most common method of customer payment.

As a business owner, you may be feeling the pressure to start accepting credit cards. Or, perhaps, you're already accepting credit cards, but the process is time-consuming for your B2B customers.

Thankfully, we have a simple solution that makes credit card processing simple for Macola ERP customers.