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Sep 29 2016

5 Things Modern Manufacturers Do Differently with ERP for Growth and Success

Manufacturing is changing at a rapid pace, and much of it is due to ERP systems and software. ERP has evolved to the demanding needs of manufacturers for better automation, visibility, and collaboration. Modern manufacturers have embraced these new systems to better connect their machines, processes, and employees. They have a real handle on what is happening out on the shop floor, even when there's multiple locations. They can make decisions faster, and wiser, due to insights into their business performance.

Find out the 5 ways modern manufacturers have done differently to become more efficient and profitable in their business:


Sep 26 2016

Synergy CRM Video Series: Creating Quotes and Orders, Step-by-Step

Synergy is unlike any regular CRM system. Usually, when people consider CRM, they think of just sales management: storing customer data, the sales funnel, and a phone queue. Synergy CRM is fully integrated with Exact Macola 10 ERP, allowing for seamless integration of customer data into one database. Your clients, business partners, employees and vendors are automatically associated to one another and to all relevant and important business transactions. The integration also allows you to monitor, understand, manage and maximize sales performance, as well as leverage customer information into long-term customer loyalty and retention – anytime and anywhere from your web browser or mobile device.


Sep 13 2016

Macola 10 Video How-to: Import Contacts into Synergy CRM

You got back from a Tradeshow or Networking Event and spent a lot of time meeting people, exchanging and gathering information. Now comes the time to enter your newly received contacts into your CRM system, but there are about 300 - 1,000 contacts. Entering one by one will probably take you close to the end of time. Yet, leaving them on paper or in a file somewhere will only cause you to lose the possible leads. Exact Macola 10 has solved this issue by providing the option to upload your new contacts with an Excel spreadsheet and utilizing Synergy CRM’s Account Import Wizard. 


Sep 06 2016

Manufacturing Scheduling with Macola ERP – Capabilities and Limitations

Scheduling using Macola is very different depending on the manufacturing method used – Production Order Processing (POP) or Shop Floor Control (SFC).  POP has basic tools, SFC more enhanced…but one would never call manufacturing scheduling with Macola alone the most advanced part of the ERP solution.  Lynq Planning Manager for Macola changes all of that, and takes planning and scheduling to a whole new level.  You can learn more about that on September 15th, click here to register for their webinar.  But first, let’s take a close look at what can be done with Macola alone.  In this edition of the "Manufacturing Minute" Newsletter, we’ll explore POP, and tackle Shop Floor Control next time.


Sep 02 2016

Macola 10: Word Merge for Easy Marketing, Contracts, and More - Video Tutorial

Perhaps you've needed to send out 100 letters, or a quick email update to all your clients, but don't want to copy/paste 100 times - or worse, handwrite it all!

Not to worry. The new Word Merge feature in Macola 10 is intuitive and easy to use, unlike their old version which reminded some users as a ransom-note generator. In the old merge feature the fonts were all off and the usability was cumbersome and clunky. The big difference came from utilizing tools businesses use almost every day: Microsoft Office. The old system required you to use the built-in editor, while the new Mail Merge uses Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office for editing and publishing.

Robert Clarke, our Attivo Senior Software Consultant, will walk you through the how-to during this 18 minute video.