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July 2016

CliffNotes to Exact’s 10.4 Macola Release

Exact released its newest version of Macola 10.4 yesterday, and we’re rejoicing in the enhancements. 1. Workspaces Exact Workspace parts are now available as web parts, or widgets, to add to the Business Process Management (aka “Synergy”) home pages. Workspaces can now have the option to make popup action types a modal window, which is...
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Credit Card and PCI Compliance

Why PCI Compliance is More Important than Ever Now that EV chip cards are here, you can relax and take a deep breath when it comes to cyber theft, right? Wrong. The truth is, EV chip cards only reduce credit card theft in “card present” transactions. That means brick and mortar stores where a customer...
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Can Chipotle bounce back after food recalls and health scares with a video?

E. coli and norovirus caused massive recalls, a national shut-down of all of Chipotle’s stores, and resulted some of its lowest profits in years. But, there is hope and recovery, and yesterday Chipotle launched a new video marketing campaign to help bring back the love for the burrito chain. What can you learn from Chipotle...
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Exact Macola 10 Won Prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Exact Macola 10 is exactly two years old, but well before that it was already being recognized as one of the leading ERP software platforms available to the mid-market. Frost & Sullivan, a leading business growth and consulting firm, awarded Macola 10 with their prestigious Product Leadership award for 2015. The award was specifically given...
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Fear Factor: ERP Edition

Do you remember that show, “Fear Factor’, where contestants would jump out of a helicopter onto a moving truck that was on fire all while eating a bowl of scorpions? When it comes to ERP implementations, it seems as though a lot organizations would rather opt for the scorpions then take on a major software...
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3 Ways ERP Can Automate Your Human Resources

When people think of ERP they immediately think of the ways it can automate their operations. From warehouse management to invoicing customers, there are countless ways that ERP can help streamline day to day processes and improve the bottom line. One thing that most people overlook when evaluating an ERP system is human resources. Most...
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Last day to upgrade to Windows 10 – should you?

Today is the last business day of July, and it’s also the last day to upgrade for free to Windows 10. If you’re running Macola or Sage, you may be wondering if you should upgrade. Read on for the full download – including a link to Windows 10 upgrade. Windows 10 is keeping it’s touch...
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