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Mar 29 2016

To Repair or Replace: An ERP Conundrum

When a company first implements an ERP system, the goal is for that system to be able to run the business for several years.  However, over time, a very real possibility exists that your organization will outgrow the current ERP system that you have in place.  That could simply mean that the original configuration of your system needs to be tweaked to meet current requirements.  It might mean that you need to upgrade your software to the newest version. Or, it could mean that you need to completely scrap the old system and migrate to a new ERP system.


Mar 18 2016

So Your Bracket is Already Busted

We’re only halfway through the first round of the tournament, and your bracket is already busted.  Yes, you know that no 16 seed has ever beaten a 1 seed, but you thought someone was due. Imagine if the Western Dakota School of Typewriter Repair made that Cinderella Final Four run. You would have cleaned up your office pool. And while you did successfully pick Yale to advance over Baylor, the other 11 upsets you chose yesterday didn’t exactly pan out. So what do you do?


Mar 16 2016

What's New At Exact: March, 2016

Evolve 2016, to be held in Atlanta on April 19-22, is all the buzz right now.  Lots of preparation for the many training classes to be offered, as well as all the rest that goes into a show of this size. If you haven’t already registered, now is the time.  There are discounts available for hotel rooms through March 28th.


Mar 16 2016

Credit Card Processing Security in Macola Just Went Next Level

The safest way to protect your customer’s credit card data is to never have it in the first place.  With the next release of EBiz for Macola, EBiz Connect will become available and afford the next level of security.  Plus, EBiz Connect also helps you speed up collections of payments due from your customers that are on AR terms with you.


Mar 16 2016

Getting Routing Lead Time Right

Ever wonder why the routing lead time roll-up doesn’t work out to the reality of the time it actually takes to complete a product?  This causes Shop Floor Control to schedule the order incorrectly, and it causes MRP to provide invalid advice.  So, what’s a planner to do?


Mar 04 2016

Trump and Cruz to Release Yoga Workout Series

In a dramatic turn of events, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have decided to drop out of the Presidential race in order to start a fitness empire together. Inspired by comments from Marco Rubio during last night’s Republican debate, the pair reportedly met last night at a local White Castle and hashed out a plan for a series of Yoga workout videos.


Mar 01 2016

ERP Can Keep Food Manufacturers Compliant

There are a lot of complexities to any food manufacturing business.  Traditional manufacturing challenges like keeping a lean supply chain, managing inventory and job scheduling all come into play. On top of that recipe management, by-product tracking and lot and serial traceability are all vital elements to a successful operation. But even bigger than that is the 1,000 pound gorilla in the room that can wreak havoc on a food manufacturer – government compliance.

There is a litany of state and federal agencies that regulate what is kosher (pun intended) and what isn’t with regards to how food is processed, packaged, labeled, stored and shipped. Many food manufacturers have entire teams of people whose solitary responsibility is ensuring that their company is in compliance. ERP can be a great tool that can help automate, track and audit compliance processes, providing peace of mind for C-level employees.

Regulating Contamination Testing

In 2002, the Bioterrorism Act was passed.  A part of that bill involves protecting the safety and security of food supplies and is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. It requires food manufacturers to provide testing to find contaminated food. ERP for food manufacturing can help with compliance by creating alerts when tests need to be conducted and record the results of each test. ERP can also monitor recipes, not only ensuring proper weights and volumes of ingredients are used, but also ensuring that only tested ingredients are including in a batch.

Proactive Food Safety Measures

Another federal law that food manufacturers are required to follow is the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010. This act requires that food processors maintain preventative control plans. That can be as simple as having designated cleaning schedules for equipment and regulating that approved cleaning products are being used. You might be required to have regular inspections of your warehouse or manufacturing floor. ERP can be customized based on your specific requirements and can create automated workflows that schedule mandated inspections, record results and track supplies and chemicals to make sure they are compliant.

There are dozens of ways that ERP software can help monitor and track compliance regulations. Food manufacturers face unique challenges above and beyond other manufacturers. Having an ERP system that is equipped to meet those needs is crucial.

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