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Dec 23 2015

Revamp Your IT Department with Cloud Hosted ERP

There are several departments within any business that are largely seen as a cost of doing business rather than a revenue driver. A company’s IT department is often one of those departments. The IT manager is typically the guy that most employees only see when something breaks, and behind the scenes, they are the ones that are responsible for trying to prevent things from breaking in the first place. A disproportionate part of their job description is maintenance, which in reality is an operating cost. They are responsible for making sure that your depreciating assets are maximizing their productivity. In other words, they are the people responsible for keeping your servers from going down, or making sure that they get back online as quickly as possible if they do go down.


Dec 21 2015

3 Signs it's Time to Graduate from Quickbooks

QuickBooks is probably the most utilized accounting software system used in business. It is a great program for small businesses. When combined with third party add-ons and spreadsheets, it can provide adequate functionality and reporting to manage the day to day operations of small manufacturers and distributors.


Dec 11 2015

3 Overlooked Keys to a Successful Cloud Transition

More and more companies are moving to cloud hosted ERP these days.  Some of the more common reasons that people are migrating to the cloud are the scalability and 24/7 access that the cloud can provide.For multi-location organizations, being able to unify all locations under a single system is also a big advantage.The idea of being able to offload infrastructure maintenance costs can’t be understated either. While there are multiple advantages to moving into a cloud environment, making that transition still needs to be well thought out, otherwise your organization has the very real possibility of incurring some very painful headaches. Here are some of the 3 more commonly overlooked issues that musts be thought out before making a switch.


Dec 09 2015

2 Challenges Mobile ERP Presents for Manufacturers

Whether or not you manufacture children’s toys or massive oil well drills, the core principals behind the manufacturing process remain the same.  Raw materials go in one end and finished products come out the other end. Quality control measures are put into place to ensure consistency of the final product, and tweaks are made to ensure the entire process is as efficient as possible.