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Dec 04 2017

Synergy Mobile CRM App Let You Take Your CRM on the Road

Technology has certainly increased the pace of business, and at the forefront of this acceleration is mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous in today’s business environment, which is why Synergy CRM has a variety of mobile apps that let you access the full power of Synergy from anywhere.


Nov 27 2017

Synergy Outlook Integration takes Workflow Management to the Next Level

Even the best business processes are only as good as the whiteboard they were conceived on if they aren’t followed in practice. Synergy CRM workflow management allows you to automate processes to ensure that steps are being followed. Whether it be a customer service issue, managing production, or an accounting process, Synergy can help keep projects moving forward. A powerful integration with Outlook helps to augment the already powerful feature set.


Nov 21 2017

Track Calls and Create Queues in Synergy Using the Phone Funnel

Sales reps, account managers and customer service specialists spend the majority of their days on the phone. With the dozens of accounts each employee is assigned to, managing those conversations can be difficult. A missed call to a prospect could mean the difference between closing a sale or being beat out by a competitor. Failing to follow up with an upset customer could cost you repeat business. Managing calls drives revenues. Synergy CRM has a tool that allows reps and managers to manage phone calls.


Nov 16 2017

Unlocking Sales and Marketing Insights with Synergy CRM

It’s surprising how many times we talk to clients and prospects looking to install a CRM system like Salesforce and are looking for help integrating it into their Macola ERP system. Synergy CRM is one of the best kept secrets in the Macola universe and it shouldn’t be. It is an extremely powerful CRM system with native integration into Exact Macola 10.


Oct 06 2017

Cloud Hosting for Macola – Free for 6 Months - This Seems Like a No-Brainer!

Cloud hosting is a very affordable, very secure, and will once and for all get you out of the IT business. It can save you a substantial amount of money, especially if your servers have reached the end of their useful life, or you are facing upgrades to support remote offices or upgrading to Macola 10.


Oct 06 2017

How Macola Manufacturing Software Can Deal with By-Products

There are many industries that do not consume all raw materials during a production process, but use those leftover materials in a different or later manufacturing process. A good example of this is plastic thermoforming, where rolls of plastic are stamped into objects, and the remaining plastic from around the edges of the mold become ground up, melted down and reused in the extrusion process to become other rolls of plastic. Another example is in steel or wood manufacturing, where lengths of material are only partially consumed, leaving behind remnant pieces of varying lengths. Unless the left-over material has no value and is tossed into a scrap bin, you are dealing with by-products.


Oct 02 2017

Upgrade Macola, Fix the Processes, or Do Nothing?

Let’s face it - it’s never easy to come to terms that your beloved Macola system may be stuck in time, and not operating efficiently for your business. It’s like going to the doctor and hearing that you are overweight and borderline diabetic, and the only solution is better diet and exercise. Ugh.


Aug 29 2017

3 Questions: What Is Driving All the Change in Manufacturing?

There is no question that technology is advancing at a pace unlike any other time in history. And it is manufacturing and industry that is at the forefront of harnessing new technology. Whether it was the use of electricity in manufacturing plants during the industrial revolution, advent of the assembly line, to implementing connectivity in the computer age, technology has driven innovation in the industrial sector.


Aug 10 2017

Exact Synergy - A World-Class CRM System Session 1: Introducing Synergy CRM

Synergy CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the best kept secrets among users of Macola, JobBOSS, MAX, Globe or just Exact Synergy itself. I’ve heard our own customers who already own Synergy say “We’re thinking about implementing SalesForce or Sugar CRM, can we integrate it to our Macola system?” Which makes me crazy, since Exact Software built such a GREAT product in Synergy, but completely forgot to market the thing. There are many great features in Synergy such as Workflow, Document Management, Project Management, HRM, etc., but the CRM system is as good or better than any on the market. And certainly a CRM system way more capable than most companies will ever use!


Aug 02 2017

It's Not a Software Problem – It's the Process

ERP systems like Macola 10, SAP Business One and Sage 100 were designed the allow small to mid-sized businesses compete and be more efficient. But most importantly, and this is something that is too often overlooked, these modern software systems are designed with industry best practices in mind. Trying to fit old and outdated processes into a modern ERP system simply won’t work. And if you find a consultant willing to try and integrate old processes into a new software the project is likely to take much longer, cost more and result in more bugs and errors once everything is in place.


Jul 19 2017

Choosing the Right ERP Consultant Can Make or Break Your ERP Project

So you’ve chosen an ERP software to automate your process and take your business to a new level. We’ve spoken at length here at the Attivo blog about how important it is to choose the right software for your industry. But equally important is the need to choose the right consultant to help you implement that software and provide ongoing support. Here are 4 reasons why choosing the right consultant can make or break your ERP project.


Jul 07 2017

Selecting the Right Hosting Partner for Macola

We spend a lot of time here at the Attivo blog talking about the benefits of cloud hosting and why cloud hosting is more secure than on-premise options. Today we’ll talk about how to choose the right hosting partner. Businesses already running Exact Macola 10 know how workspaces have revolutionized how people are using ERP software. Combining that with the power of the cloud can take your Macola software to another level. But not all cloud hosting partners are created equally. Choosing the right partner is vital to make sure that you can get the most out of your software investment.


Jun 27 2017

Cloud Security: Its Safer Than You Think

In our last blog we talked about why the cloud makes sense for small to mid-sized businesses. One of the biggest concerns we are constantly hearing from clients revolves around security. It is a big leap to put all of your company’s critical data into the cloud. Many people feel that their data is more vulnerable to hackers in the cloud. Some people just like the peace of mind of being able to walk down the hall, open their server closet and “see” there data housed on their own servers.  The reality is that your data is much more secure in a cloud hosted solution.


Jun 23 2017

Cloud Hosted ERP: It Makes More Sense Now than Ever

At this point, the idea of the cloud isn’t new. Most of us are using it every single day in our personal lives, and more and more businesses are shifting their vital applications into the cloud as well. There might be some mid to small sized business who think that the cloud might be just for large companies. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is, that there has never been a better time for cloud hosted ERP.


May 15 2017

3 May Webinars you don't want to miss! EBizCharge, Quality Management & CMMS

We have three exciting webinars coming up this month, and we hope you can join us! EBizCharge has some upgrades that make this credit card processing system for Macola even more valuable - find out on May 18th at 10am PST during the webinar EBizCharge for Macola: Take Credit Cards Anytime, Anywhere. Then we have two webinars regarding Quality Management using Macola and Synergy: Automate Quality Management in Macola Synergy May 23rd at 9am PST; and Computerized Maintenance Management System in Macola Synergy May 25th at 9am PST.