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Streamlined Operations for Small Businesses in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service Industries

The Attivo Group understands the challenges small businesses face in supply chain, sales management, accounting, and quality assurance because our team has lived them. Seeing the many shortcomings of typical process improvement software, Attivo specifically designed Attivo All-in-One to simplify process improvement with one comprehensive, integrated solution for business owners like you.

Attivo All-in-One is a comprehensive, strategic solution that improves operations, increases efficiencies and inventory turns, reduces manufacturing lead-time, and improves customer service. More than ERP alone, this collection of integrated systems and services that leverages the domain knowledge of Attivo’s expert senior consultants to eliminate inefficient islands of automation and help you answer the million-dollar question, “How can technology help you achieve your business vision?”


Monthly subscription service and low, fixed-implementation fee

Fit to Your Business

Business management solutions configured to your needs

Quick to Launch

Get up and running in a matter of weeks, not months

Easy to Use

Online learning systems and intuitive interface


From several to several hundred users


Data privacy and intellectual property security with unlimited technical support

Attivo All-in-One Is the Right Solution for Your Small Business

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See the difference between Attivo All-in-One and other process improvement solutions. We have created one comprehensive solution built to solve all of the essential needs of your small business without any hidden fees or pricey upgrades.

Tailored to Your Needs

Food & Beverage

Life Sciences



Wholesale Distribution

Automotive Parts



“Process improvement solutions have allowed Reliance to seamlessly marry a highly efficient distribution model with a precisely controlled financial system. Both our business and our customers have benefited greatly.”


– Andrea Tibke, COO, Reliance Communications LLC

Reliance Communications – Streamlined Systems Eliminate Distribution Errors

Reliance Communications is a proven distributor of technology devices. Multiple, isolated systems reduced the efficiency of Reliance’s distribution processes and reporting capabilities, which limited their monthly distribution volume. Reliance understood that a well-executed distribution system involves more than just moving inventory around, which is why they wanted to implement an ERP software solution to tackle their distribution challenges.

They needed a streamlined, organized, and easy-to-use solution that supported their distribution needs, challenges, and growth plans. A new ERP system was implemented over one weekend. Industry-specific logistics, distribution, and warehousing features allowed Reliance to send more than $1 million of billing on the second day after launch and ship more than 1.5 million smartphones in the first month. Order errors were reduced to 0.1% or less.


Order errors after ERP implementation

3 Days

To implement the new system

$1 million +

Billing sent the second day after launch

1.5 million

Products shipped in the first month

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