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Our expert consultants have decades of experience deploying effective systems for the food and beverage industry. Attivo All-in-One for Food & Beverage enables manufacturers and distributors to ensure greater food safety, prevent and rapidly respond to recalls, and remain compliant with FDA and USDA regulations through one comprehensive, affordable, and easily implemented solution.


Monthly subscription service and low, fixed-implementation fee

Quick to Launch

Get up and running in a matter of weeks, not months

Recipe Management

Store, access, and manage recipe and formulation data from any device 

Inventory Management

Real-time bin, lot expiration date, country of origin, barcoding, and warehouse management

Regulatory Compliance

Integrated quality management that is completely electronic keeps you 100% compliant and simplifies FDA and USDA validation checks

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See the difference between Attivo All-in-One and other business management software solutions. We have created one comprehensive solution built to solve all of the essential needs of your small business without any hidden fees or pricey upgrades.

“This custom-tailored system is now the backbone of our company’s operations. It is extremely efficient and accurate, and we rely on it to support the high volume of products that we handle every day. It keeps us totally compliant with all of the regulatory and customer requirements that we need to deal with and has helped us keep our costs as low as possible.”


– Don Sutherland
former CFO of Southwind Foods

Southwind Foods – Improved Processes Yield Huge Savings

Southwind Foods needed to create an automated, pain-free stocking and fulfillment system that included put-away logic, pallet management, and pick selection. To solve these challenges, the Attivo team implemented a fully integrated business management software solution.

With a new, streamlined system in place, Southwinds, utilizing the long-term supportive relationship Attivo maintains with its clients, worked with Attivo on a second process improvement project that dug deeper into their unique challenges.

The stress of order fulfillment was significantly reduced once manual data entry was no longer necessary to finalize delivery paperwork. The number of clerical personnel in the order fulfillment area has been reduced by 50% (from 4 to 2). Billing errors and inventory discrepancies have diminished dramatically with a 90% reduction in customer credit memos contributing to projected annual savings of $150,000 or more.


Annual savings from reduced billing errors


Labor reduction for order fulfillment


Reduction in customer credit memos


Buy-in from leadership and senior team

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