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American Wheelchair Mission

Healing the World through Wheelchairs

Can you imagine not being able to cross the room on your own two feet? Probably never even thought about it, right? We all take for granted the ability to walk, run, dance - until that has been taken away. For some, the inability to walk is a near death sentence as they don't have the funds available to purchase a wheelchair. At The Attivo Group, we want to change that. 
We have partnered up with the American Wheelchair Mission through the Knights of Columbus to provide 1 wheelchair for every 5 new users of ERP software purchased through our firm. This program could potentially impact hundreds of physically disabled individuals around the world. 
It is estimated that worldwide, 100 million people are in need of wheelchairs, but can’t afford to purchase one.  The wheelchairs provided by the American Wheelchair Mission typically retail in medical supply stores for $500, and would be impossible for many to even dream of having access to. By providing wheelchairs to the physically disabled, the American Wheelchair Mission not only gives the gift of mobility, but lifts the burden from the entire family. 

To learn more about the American Wheelchair Foundation

To learn more about the mission, and it's connection to the Knights of Columbus, please watch the video below, or visit their website: