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Electronics Manufacturing Management Software

ERP Software for Electronics Manufacturing Management

The multi-step process in electronic manufacturing is an ever-growing industry - especially in this age of tech gadgets. Maybe your business is an expert in manufacturing:
  • Printed Circuit
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Electronic components
You're an expert at Electronic Manufacturing, but you're not an expert in manufacturing management. As good as you are at creating your products, you need help in inventory management, shipping, and other details that take time and energy away from your core competency.

Challenges that Electronics Manufacturing managers face...

  • Improve supply chain management.
  • Cut time to market.
  • Managing scrap & waste.
  • Scheduling machines and resources.
  • Managing product quality.
  • Warehouse logistics and product delivery.
  • Measuring and Improving operational efficiency
  • Managing product quality
  • Shortening leadtimes and product delivery.

The right processes and systems can help your manufacturing warehouse become an example of efficiency and high profit margins. We don't just recommend software, we:

  1. We start with a process analysis, understanding your current practices
  2. We then make recommendations on how-to make that process better, more efficient, and more profitable
  3. Next, we start the implementation of your software and train your staff on the new processes and software
  4. Lastly, we don't leave you hanging - we're there for you with any tech help, training or support
  5. Every year we complete another process analysis to discover if there are other ways we can make your business better

Contact Your Source for Electronics Manufacturer Management Software

Are you ready to have an efficient manufacturing business? For further information Contact our Irvine CA office now at 877-428-8486, or click the 'Ask a Question' button and use the short form on this page!

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The Attivo Group will get your system implemented - on time and within budget. Realize increased efficiencies, lower costs and improve profits. As trusted advisors for distributors, manufacturers and service providers, we will help you improve and automate your business processes.