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Today I am at The Attivo Group, Inc.  I Intuit Merchant Servicesam preparing an invoice and will demonstrate through this video blog how to enable the online bill pay functionality within Intuit QuickBooks using my Intuit Merchant Services account.

The Attivo Group, Inc. is a premier Intuit Solution Provider (ISP).  Customers enjoy working with us at The Attivo Group, Inc. because we offer a personalized touch to help you assess your specific needs.  We can assist you with your QuickBooks advanced manufacturing and advanced warehouse/distribution needs.  We work closely with Intuit and can activate your Intuit Merchant Services account. 

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Additional Resources on Intuit Merchant Services

Please see a list below of additional Intuit Merchant Services options than shown today.  Enjoy our video and give us a call!
  • Intuit Payment Network

  • Intuit GoPayment

  • Intuit Online Terminal

  • Intuit Merchant Service for Webstores

  • Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks

  • Intuit Point of Sale (POS) Merchant Service

  • Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks for Mac

  • Intuit Merchant Service for Terminals

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